Friday, November 27, 2015

GMR/GRR High Point

35 miles with 4,619 ft of gain.  Nice day! But chilly on the downhill. Mike and I rode to the high point on GRR. He has something about going down to the saddle and village. He's been to Cow Canyon Saddle Once but we really need to hit the village. I think the climb back up is a pain in the butt but it just makes the ride "the Ride"! Hopefully next time! But I can say that it was chilly up there so I had no problem really agreeing  to head back ha ha! I believe the low was 44 degrees and and average of 55. My ears and nose froze on the descent ha ha! But another great ride up GMR/GRR.

Not many riders at all which made it nice. Plus once we were on GRR, not much traffic at all. Very nice conditions and no ice on the road! ;-)

                                  The sun was just right so we got a nice view of the ocean.


  1. Hello Mr. Beanz, I'm the BobCochran on Cycling Forums. I just want to say I hope you were not harmed by the recent events in San Bernardino. I haven't seen a post from you in a little while and I get a bit worried. Of course, the holidays are here and you probably have plenty to do. All the best to you!


    1. Thanks Bob! Fortunately we are still here and well. The shooting was about 10 miles from where Gina works but not affected thank goodness. You guessed it, the holidays are upon us and we have been busy. Plus Gina flew out of state to visit an ailing uncle. Thanks for the concern, much appreciated. :-)

    2. Hey Bob, you still there? Haven't seen you on the forum. Hope all is well!