Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday SART 11/8/15

Another 44 miles with Gina, Aimee, Mike and Jose. Nice consistent pace, 16.8 average. Ran across Genaro in a fly by. Plus Gem and Ron (PinoyBnter). Saw Tony at the coast with his new best friend. Hmm, best friends but why does his friend have a bandage on his face? (See pic below) I guess it's a good thing I'm not Tony's best friend, I like my face ha ha! Saw Bob and Greg for a short bit. As well as Bong and a few of his buds making a quick stop. I saw one rider go by and shout "Beanz!" as both times we crossed paths heading opposite directions. I want to say it was Rickie (Keeping TI Real) but he looked somewhat smaller. Maybe all that climbing and racing he's been doing. We'll see if anybody fesses up ha ha! Had some days of the past chat with Rick at the coast. Reminiscing about the old softball days ha ha!

Oh oh oh yeah! We saw NotSoFast Frank too. I try to remember everyone we see! :-P

I asked Bong to strike a pose. This is what he came up with ha ha!

The Rough Boyz!

Glad I'm not Tony's best friend! :-O

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