Sunday, November 22, 2015

SART Sunday More Wind

This is the video from Saturday's Ride. Some wind, a fly by from Jose R., a greeting from Mark and Alex!

41 miles @ 17.1 average, no Gina. Started easy with Mike. Well as easy as it could be heading into a big headwind much like the one on Saturday. We started out riding side by side into a headwind but it got stronger as we headed toward Imperial. Not soon after it was a tough headwind but we stayed side by side. Finally about the last stretch to Imperial I noticed Mike was no longer at my side. There he was on my wheel ha ha! We had about 200 yards to the turnaround point when I noticed he fell back. Forget it , I'm not slowing down, I'm just trying to get it over with now ha ha! Mike pulled up shortly after I did and he was beat. He said he felt like puking! It was a tough headwind and not much in the way of a good warm up he he he! But once we turned around, it was all smiles. You know the feeling, doing 20 without pedaling!

So we kept the effort moderate. But as always, the wind shifted around the Honda Center. I was actually surprised that I felt this good after Saturday's ride. I was beat after the ride but hey, riding a tandem can take a little extra out of a rider. Not being able to shift, pedal at will, counter balancing for two, and trying to figure out the other rider's comfort zone. It all adds up and with the wind, even my arms were hurting on Saturday. But Sunday on the single, hey I was feeling good after the first 10 miles or so.

I pulled from Edna to the southern wooden bridge with Mike on my wheel. He said, you must be feeling good!". I was but thinking we'd have a headwind on the return cause heading to the coast was not all that hard. I was expecting a bigger headwind. Mike took the last pull from the bridge to the coast. The pace increased a bit and he said the wind had lightened up. I felt it too and thought uh-oh, we're in for it on the return.

We kicked back at the coast then the Legend showed up. Chatted a bit then Tony and his single speed buddy showed up right as we started rolling out. We said hi then headed off. We left the coast with Greg and I side by side having a good little chat. I was happy cause the headwind on the return was nothing like Saturday. Yay! As soon as we hit the wooden bridge Tony and his buddy caught us. I'm figuring they must have headed out from the beach stop right after we did. Cool, now we had a little group.

A couple of guys went rolling by us looking as if they were putting in a hard effort. They rolled by. One dude looked to be of the bigger category like me, the other a thinner rider. they were rolling pretty good. But then we entered that tight tight area with the concrete wall (last pic)/. Seemed we were all jumbled up so I took point just to keep things safe figuring it would form a single file line. I think it worked and  hey look, we're gaining ground on those 2 riders that rolled by us a couple minutes earlier. I felt good so I just kept on rolling, not trying to lift the pace but stayed consistent as usual.

We rolled by them and they hopped on. I was feeling pretty good so I stayed at the front for a while. I looked back to see what we had and wow, there were about 8 guys. One other guy I don't even know where he came from ha ha! Later I would see that he was a fit looking dude in a race kit.

So this is where the fun begins! I was at the front feeling comfy when I see somebody sprint around my left side. It was the bigger ride of the 2 that had passed us earlier. He blows by then slows down about 10 seconds later. First I'm thinking he's trying to drop us but he slow so maybe he's letting me get on his wheel. But he sits up and slows way way way down. I can't get on his wheel, we'll all surely crash so I just went around on his left trying to figure out what he's doing. So I'm keeping things steady at about 20-21 (?). Then all of a sudden the guy squeezes through on my right side!

WTF! He sprints around and seems to be pounding the pedals. Well for about 30 seconds ha ha! Then he slows way down again. I look back at his buddy who is on my wheel and give him the hand/arm gesture like wtf is he doing? The guy just shouts, " I dunno! I dunno what the deal is ha ha ha!". I just kind of laughed back and kept the pace. We roll by the guy again and he takes the back.

After a while I figure I have been at the front for quite a while so I move over and let the next guy roll. It's the guy's buddy and he looks pretty fit. He takes the front as I drift back to the end of the line. The sprinter dude is at the back and Mike right in front of him. Mike rolls by and I'm waiting for the sprinter guy to go by but a gap opens so I figure he wants me in front of him so I take the spot. All of a sudden I see the guy drift back and fall off. Mike said the guy was gasping for air already and was having a hard time. Hmm,not sure why he just didn't save his energy on the showboat sprints, he would have had a much better chance of hanging on. Oh well!

So then little confusion of are you going or not kind of set me back about 5 yards trying to figure things out. Just then, the dude at the front picked it up to about 23! I had to push to get onto Mike's wheel which was the end of the line now. It took me a couple of minutes to catch my breath but once I did, I was good. Wow, doing 23 and rolling almost effortlessly, ahhh the advantage of a nice draft!

The guy kept it up for a while then pulled off the front. Next was Greg. Now I'm in trouble cause I know Greg is strong. Luckily it seemed to be a short pull as we hit the Edna Park bridge. At this point the sprinter was loooooong gone and his buddy who had just taken a pull was gone too. I think maybe he slowed down for his friend and let us go. This is when the racer kit dude took the front. He was pretty good. He kept a nice consistent pace. Nice straight line and paying attention to the road. Good thing cause we approached the dark homeless camp underpass at the north end of the golf course and there was a truck and trailer stopped at the bottom! :-O

We practically had to stop. We all made a safe slow as the truck took off. I got in a good shift and as soon as we took off I found myself back at second wheel again. Mike blew his shift and missed lost his position in line. The guy was good so it was no problem staying on his wheel. He later pulled off and I got the last pull to our stop. As I rolled around the guy I said nice pull and he replied with a thanks!

I took my last turn then Mike and I pulled off at the fire station exit (Orangewood). We said by e to Greg and the other dude, the only survivors at this point! Tony and his buddy exited in Costa Mesa. i'm thinking Greg and the other dude worked together after that but I don;t know cause my story ends here ha ha! Well it;s a blast when you got guys helping you out at the front working together. Fund day and fun times!

The things us people in California have to deal with in the cold months! :-P

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