Thursday, November 19, 2015

Solo Night Ride

15 point something miles. I think Gina has been wanting to escape the darkness and the cold. So hey, I went alone tonight! Average temp of 66, not bad. I was expecting to freeze on the way down (you know us CA people!) bu tit was very nice. Not cold at all and a really nice ride.

I actually called on Eyemage to see if he wanted to do GMR tonight, to the shack. But he's faking sick again. He's always sick when I mention GMR he he he! :-P I've done it before alone at night but Ron did see that bear and all up there a few weeks back. :-O

Max speed on the downhill was 32 mph. The lights look much brighter than they do in the video so it ain't all that scary rolling down Euclid Ave.

             BTW. got this note through my email. Just in case anyone else uses Ribble. ;-)

                                               Uhh, why is only my nose sticking out? :-P

And God said, "Let there be cycling lights!".

30 MPH downhill into the darkness! :-O

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