Saturday, November 7, 2015


44 miles at 16.5 average. With Gina, Aimee, and Mike. We rode singles as our plan was to back off the effort some. Hard to do on the tandem. The tandem is all or nothing it seems. When you say back off some, it's hard for both riders to be on the same level so heck, we took singles today. There was a super stiff headwind heading to Yorba, man talk about stiff! I was pushing pretty good to hold 14. Easy ride, yeah right! It's pedal or fall over! But heading back to the coast was nice. Doing 17 without pedaling much. The wind shifted at Edna Park so we did have a nice tailwind back form the coast so it made for a nice ride overall.

Your friendly on-bike photographer!

On the Mr. Beans Mobile today!

So Cal in November!

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