Saturday, February 20, 2016

60 Miles on SART

60 miles 16.4 average on single bikes. I don't know what Gina ate for breakfast today but she made the 60 miler look really easy. She smiled the whole way. Heck we even passed a few guys that were happy to stick on the back and she was still smiling ha ha! She even dropped a dude on the little climb before Green River! :-O

Started the ride with Jose and Gina. Mike was a bit late due to traffic on the freeways. Man it sucks right now with the work going on on the 91. So we met on the trail shortly after we left Green River (our turnaround point). At the coast we ran into Alex, Tammy, Dr. Sarah and a few others. Had a little chat then left rather quickly compared to usual. A late start and heavy traffic set us behind. Figured we better leave before it got dark on us. Even the drive home sucked ha ha!

                            Won't see this often, Gina riding somebody off her wheel on a climb ha ha!

Stretching at Green River


Photo bomber!

I think she was feeling really really good!

Jose was breathing hard and she was still smiling ha ha!

Mike did a nice pull near the coast.

Dr. Sarah, Alex, Tammy, and Gina

On the way back, passing and picking up guys and she is still smiling!

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