Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday SART

OK WHO IS IT???? Last couple of rides some dude has gone by in the opposite direction. He shouted "BEANZ!!!". Lat week I thought it might have been Ray from GMR but Gina says no. Today a dude shouted again, Gina says it was the same dude as last week. Seems today he might have been riding with his wife or just around some lady. But Gina says same dude. OK fess up! :-P

I have a thread here similar to that of my SART Journal thread I had long ago in another forum.

You can fess up here! :-P

50 miler (16.8 average) on the trail with Gina and Aimee. Gina had another great day on the bike! Could be those little Power Bar thingies that she started eating on the ride last week ha ha! I had a bag of those Livestrong bracelets that Mark gave me (Mark's Bike Shop) to pass out. I gave Aimee and Jose a couple then I placed a few others on the fence right at the entrance of the trail. We rode down to Gypsum then noticed on the return that the 6 I placed on the fence were gone (I still have one more bag). So either some people still honor the Livestrong org or the homeless dudes are smoking them in a pipe under some bridge somewhere ha ha!

Well ya know, I'm really growing to be very unfond of the homeless out there. Couple weeks back some dude ran up to us from the side of the trail and acted like he was going to grab our pedals or something. didn't really scare me but I thought it was stupid and really wouldn't have a problem slapping the crap out of him had he forced me off the road or whatever. Today we stopped at the Honda Center park restroom. Some dude walking out saw me and said,go home! Go ride in Anaheim Hills!". OK first off, I don't live in Anaheim Hills and second off, he really stunk up the restroom with BO (body odor). So after he told me to go home, I said, "dude, you really freaking stunk up the place with your BO!". He muttered something under his breath but he just kept walking. I guess I don't get it. Everybody on facebook posts about how sweet and giving the homeless people are. Yeah, they are giving alright, giving me a headache ha ha!

So anyway we hit Gypsum then doubled back to Yorba Park to refill our water bottles.  As soon as we left a tandem and couple other riders hopped on their bikes and jumped our wheels. I was doing a pretty good pace and thinking they might swing around but it seemed they were happy to just sit on the back and enjoy the draft. I took a few pics and caught the dude waning from the tandem. Once we stopped at Edna Park they shouted thanks for the ride! Then the lady said, darn, we were hoping we could draft you all the way ha ha!". Pretty cool when the peeps are friendly, I hate those stuffy dudes that suck wheel then don't say thanks! They're worse than the homeless to me ha ha!

Anyway we ran into Frank, Greg, Bad Bob and their friend Charlie at the coast. Wow, that Bad Bob dude is very photogenic. He's like a Ken doll with whiskers ha ha! So I snapped a few pics then headed back seeing Aimee was hoping for an early return.

Gin and I stopped for lunch at Burger Town USA next to Guasti Park (Rancho). Always a good burger, the best imo of all them little burger joints. I like it there as they let you sub the fries with a salad when you buy the combo. Great produce too! Nice thick tomatoes and the lettuce very fresh. I had mentioned this place to Ron when we rode GMR. Charbroiled burgers are still the best there so I posted a pic of them burger and salad too ha ha! A bit out of the way on the drive home but worth it. 10 fwy Archibald exit. Just North of the 10 fwy in the little shopping center. Across the street from Arco gas station.

Oh yeah! At the beach stop some dude rides up with a nice looking bike. Carrera with some nice goodies on it. I took a couple of pics. Ended up running into the dude again on the return. Had a little chat so I told him he looked familiar. He said his name was Billy. Ah so I said Billy blah blah blah? He said yeah and looked at me kind of strange wondering how I knew him. I told him I had seen his name on Strava and a couple other sites and just took a stab at it. Turns out it was the dude ha ha! He used to ride and be an official with Cycling Connection.

                                             A tandem and couple other guys on the train!

The tandem was a Trek and the jerseys said Star Trek ha ha!

Uh oh, the dude at the end got dropped somewhere along the way.

Still the Legend!

Ken or Bad Bob?

I tell you, this dude should have been a model. 

Their friend Charlie

Aimee, hiding the crumbs in her teeth ha ha!

Happy Gina

Fabulous Frank

Billy fancy set up. Look at them chain rings!

Burger time!

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