Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mark The Man (Mark's Bike Shop)

So how many of you guys get a hug from your local bike shop owner? Well I have a bud who owns Mark's Bike shop on the corner of Carnelian and Baseline (next to Brandon's/Smart & Final). I've known Mark for maybe 20 years now. Best mechanic ever! Great people he and his wife! How is this for going beyond the call of duty? Gina and I like Powerbar wafers for our bike rides. They are like cookies yum! So we have not been able to find them anywhere. We have looked everywhere and even online and there are not available. I don'e know exactly why but we saw them at Mark's shop so we bought the box he had there (10 or so that were left). I asked if he could get a hold of more but I figured that they were discontinued or something cause they are not available ANYWHERE! So tonight I told Gina we should stop in to see if by chance maybe he had a few. Plus it gives us a chance to say hi. So we go in and he asks what I need. I told him we were looking for another product figuring the Powerbars were gone. He says to us, well I put aside a couple of Powerbar waffle boxes for ya!". You've got to be kidding me! :-O I don't know where he got them from, Mexico? China? His backyard? We don't care! Just wrap them up to go he he he! :-P Anyway, this is the kind of person. business man, good friend, and Christian dude that he is. Great guy and great wife. She's a lot of fun too. Sometimes we just stop in to talk about cycling and have a few laughs ha ha! Not long ago I needed some parts for my bike that were no longer available. I mentioned it to him and a week later Voila! He had them and gave me a call! This guy has a way of pulling parts out of the sky when they can not be found even on the internet! :-O Excellent mechanic. He is the only dude I have trusted with my bikes in the last 20 years. I do all my own stuff cause I don't trust any of the other guys but when I am stumped, this guy is the only one who can do it better than me! :-) There is a reason I have followed this dude for 20 years. I sure am glad he has his own shop now. He deserves to be The Man! :-)

Mark's Bike Shop

Mark, Wife Lori, his mechanic and some short chick on the right. :-P

Pulled out a couple of boxes from thin air. And a couple other little goodies.

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