Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Tandem Valentine Milers

44 miles on SART (17.3 average). Gina and I on the tandem starting the ride with Jose. Jose flatted about 3 miles in so he told us to continue then he would catch up with us later. We ended up doing half the ride before we found him waiting at Edna Park for us. Actually kind of nice getting a chance to do half the ride alone before running back into him. I was surprised to see him at the park, I thought he had headed home seeing that he was not at Lincoln Ave where he flatted.

He says he got a defective tube because the core broke off. No comment he he he! Anyway he got it fixed by the time we were half way through the ride. :-P

But it was nice doing the ride alone for a while, really felt like Valentines day there for a bit.

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