Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Claremont Hills MTB

Did the exact same ride I did last time but the numbers were different. 2 loops on the trail for 12.7 miles this time but it seems the Garmin jacked me of a few feet somewhere along the way. Last time I had 2070 ft but this time only 1873 ft. those bass-turds ha ha! Oh well it was the same ride!

Funny thing was that when I started it was warm. Garmin was reading 91. When I got home to plug int the max said 95. Not sure if that was correct but it sure felt warm when I started the ride. Average of 85. I sure felt the variances of temps along the course. Heading down through the shaded area I was almost freezing. Temps show low of 64 and I'd guess that's where it was.

I can see that the women on the trail are getting ready for summer. Lots of tank tops and yoga pants. I was kind of sorry I didn't take a recorder. I'm a sucker for big bouncing butts in yoga pants ha ha! I'm starting to think there is more eye candy for the viewers out there than at the beach. :-P

Anyway this was the same ride as last time.

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