Friday, August 12, 2016

Dinner with Forum Member Phoenix (The Chef)

One of the originals from back in the day when I started on the Love Forum back in 2002 (?). Neil is from Windsor Ca (up North near Sacramento/Frisco area, not exactly sure). We met once before for breakfast when he rolled by on one of his road trips to AZ to visit friends. This time he was once headed to AZ again but stopped by for dinner. He was 3 hours late but I guess that's OK. I have to get up at 3:30 am but hey, who needs more than 4 hours sleep ha ha! He had told me his expected travel time and at the time I thought he was miscalculating but who am I to burst his bubble ha ha! SO he was behind his original schedule but he still made into town by 7:15 or so. We ate dinner and hung out for a while. Had a great time chatting with Neil. first time we met he was really quiet but he opened up this time and we had some fun!

Of course once he made buds with the waiter he didn't need us anymore. Waiter was cool, second time serving us. First was about 3 months ago but he remembered us! So yes I had to give him his spot in the video as well he he he!

Last time Neil brought us a bottle of wine. Now he knows we are not much into wine he brought us a bottle of his home grown/ home made hot sauce. Yes the we do consume, a lot of it ha ha!

Anyway it was real cool getting together with Neil again. Only wish we had more time. The  nearly 3 hours we spent at the restaurant felt like 30 minutes. Oh how time flies when  you're having fun!

                                                                              The video

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