Sunday, August 21, 2016

SART Sunday

45 miles at 16.5 average (Garmin). Started the ride with Jose and Gina. Blasted 58 hour work weeks in steel toe boots really made my legs feel the fatigue today. Well on the first 10 miles or so. It was hard to get the legs rolling but once they warmed up I was cool. Rolling to the coast into the wind we picked up a few guys. I had pulled the entire way so I was happy that I could catch anybody today. We passed a few dudes and they hopped on. Of course as always none offered help and were happy to just sit on a wheel. But it was cool later when Gina told me one dude pulled up to her and said, "he's strong!". OK, you can draft me then ha ha!

Then we ran into Ron and Dixie at the coast. Joaquin as well. We all headed back together with Ron and Dixie at the front. It sure was nice to sit on a wheel for once ha ha! They pulled for a few miles then I took the front. We all stayed together pretty well except for the last mile or so. Gina really got tired but again, hey I was happy cause this was the second ride in over a month and she did very well throughout so she eared to right to get tired at the end ha ha! Me, I was getting tired too but I think my butt hurt more than anything else! Not having the saddle time really makes a difference when it comes to butt comfort ha ha!

All the OT money is nice though. I have about 4 spare Conti GP4000 11's in my stash right now. But a discount code in the email I think I will be ordering 4 more right after I finish posting this ha ha! With the rate we have been riding lately, this stash ought to last me a couple of years  he he he!


4 Conti GP40002 tires (2 twinpacks), one large Camelback podium bottle and one small. $117 with the code for 20% off the tires, free shipping. Not bad eh!? ;-)  BTW the code is good till tomorrow (Monday) code (TYRES20).

I might be able to make a few bucks off this one if I can find the right site ha ha!

Just looking for different angles.


  1. Glad to see you and Gina were able to get out, enjoy !

    1. Thanks! Now that it isn't so hot I'm hoping to get in some short midweek rides. ;-)