Saturday, August 13, 2016

Me No Ride Long Time

Well today I escaped, well semi escaped. Up at 2;45 am to make a 4 am start time at work.  4hours in the boss says I can take off if I like. Yeah baby! Don't waste the time so I run home wake up Gina, get the bikes ready and go for a ride.

Only a 36 miler but I was happy Gina could hold a 16.5 average with me seeing we haven't been on the bikes in about a month now. Felt windy both ways so I think the average is pretty good!

Did see Bad Bob heading the opposite direction alone (heading away from the beach). Then a good time later we see Greg heading to the beach. Talk about a late start ha ha!

Seemed like there were a lot of people at the beach but no bikinis. Sorry guys I tried for ya! I did capture this one chick. She looked better from the front but when she came back the opposite way, she had just changed her suit. Damn! :-P

So all the overtime money makes it possible to whatever bike stuff you want. I wanted a new equipment bag and I got one about 3 weeks ago. Just working so much I haven't had a chance to use it ha ha! Oh well, the little things that make us happy!

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