Monday, August 1, 2016

What happens in Vegas......

What happens in Vega stays in Vegas! Ain't that what they say? Well I got a Saturday off and I "thought" about riding ha ha! Buuuut! Something told me we should head out of town, Gina didn't argue. A Spontaneous trip to Vegas for the day.

Gina had a lot of fun! Of course no reservations and there were rooms available at places like Luxor and NY NY but can you believe those bastards wanted $450-$500! Uhh no thanks! Ended up at Hooter's Casino and Hotel. Kind of ghetto but I felt at home like I was with family, well my family ha ha! So we roamed around the strip for a while. Picked up lunch at The Hard Rock Cafe. Surely I had to get another hat and t shirt!

Hit up Freemont St later in the evening. I like the crazy people and the bands. Enjoyed a couple of those big margaritas while we walked around. Got pretty hot while we were there. Saw one sign that said 109 Dees Grees! Pretty hot on Freemont St too later in the eve. We headed back to Hooters so that we cold be inside and of course, a couple more drinks he he he!

I'm not a gambler but Gina likes to play the slots. As soon as she sat down she hit for $146. Within 5 minutes that's great. But 7 minutes later she put it all back in and another 20! Seemed like all the casinos really sucked that day. Later she played some more and soon was down $200. Oh well she had fun while she played. Me? It kills me to lose $200 and think of how many tires I could have bought at Ribble or PBK ha ha! So I just close my eyes when she plays and pretend I don't see but I'd never do it myself. But we had fun Saturday night hanging out in the casino till about 3:30 am.

But it was worth it just to sit there and watch Gina play. She gets so silly when she drinks so that was my entertainment ha ha!

The trip home really sucked! Left about 11:30 and didn't get home till about 6:00 Stupid bumper to bumper most the way back. Well we did stop at the Alien Beef jerky place. Had to get my souvenir t shirt ha ha!

We had planned to get home a bit early and maybe take my parents out to dinner. But with all the delays and traffic and knowing my parents move like 1/4 speed, I knew it would take forever and we had to go to work the next day so I said screw it and drove on through to West Covina to hit up Northwoods Inn. Gina loves lobster so it was another little treat for the weekend!

I swear I am going to get back on my bike soon but these 10 hour shifts and working Saturdays makes it hard not to take full advantage of the little time I get off.

                                          State line. Gina wanted a ticket from the Lotto store but
                                  the line was allllll the way around the building. Forget that!

Moment after check in, what shall we do?

Pose , that's what! :-P

Later in the eve, blowing her whistle!

Hard Rock Cafe. That's when I knew I had to get her some beads for my own entertainment. :-P

Couple of big ones!

Northwoods waiting to be seated for dinner

Steak and Lobster

The salads


  1. Looks like fun Mr. Beanz, and that's all that counts. Hey any report is better than no report, and make the most of your time off.

  2. Thanks George! Was fun, lots of fun! ;-)