Saturday, August 27, 2016

Tour De Homeless

Wow SART is filled with homeless camps now. Pretty sad! No I myself don't feel bad for them. I've had stupid idiots stand on the side of the road and shout obscene things at us as we ride by, yeah the women too! I've had idiots throw things down at us from up along the banks of the camps. I've had an idiot dart out at us trying to scare us as we ride by. You know what can happen to a rider who crashes at a decent speed? Broken bones! No I don't want to see Gina or Aimee with a broken collarbone or broken leg. I've known people who look exactly like the guys and gals we see out there. Not bad look people looking for a better life. More like the bullies who turn out to be drug addicts who started young and could never grow up.

I heard that a 2 mile section on the opposite side of the trail was closed down. Sadly we see people delivering food to them and encouraging them to gather on the trail. I see that they mean well but once the leave, the trail is covered in trash, thrown food, and piss from those who feel the need to relieve themselves after a good meal. One camp smells so bad I have to literally hold my breath as we ride through.

Yeah, looking for a better life? That is why we smell marijuana and who knows what when we pass through. Not only do the homeless gather there but they attract the thugs from the local area. You see young punks hanging around dealing with the homeless. They hide in little covered up sections of the underpass doing drugs, performing sexual acts and God knows what. Yes, I once rode under one of the passes only to notice 2 grown men performing sexual acts on one another.

Now I ask myself how can the people who go feed them causing them to gather in those areas feel about the many female riders who are out there trying to enjoy some good healthy exercise? Not long ago there were maybe 15 -20 homeless people out there. Now thanks to those people who feed them and encourage them to gather here, last I heard there were as many as 500 homeless. No not all nice guys, drugs sex, dealing, harassing, and the list goes on!

Pretty sick and no I don't feel for any of them! If anything I think people should go out there with signs and protest against those delivering food to them. They let their dogs run loose, they piss on the trail, they toss debris on the trail, they break bottles on the trail in an attempt to cause flats for the riders, they shout obscene things at riders and they have no regard at all for safety of those around them. Heck, I saw one dude beating the hell out of another homeless guy last week. No I wouldn't help the guy. In my mind, that may discourage that guy from showing up again. That is one less homeless threat on the trail.

OK back to my ride. 44 miles at 16.6 average speed. Tried to take some nice pictures but seems there is a homeless trash camp in the background of every shot! :-(

Just hate it! Airing up the tires and dropping the steel floor pump on the foot. 10 minutes later there is                a bruise along with the small cut. Now that is going to be annoying on the ride!

Oh wow, Yorba Linda and no homeless in the background!

Orangewood, under the road and across the other side (far side of pass).

Nice homeless camp background

Far side of the trail across from Angel Stadium

Mile or so down the road.

Lady was feeling cheeky today!

Thugs gathering at a homeless area.  If anyone has seen this they know there is about 200 bike parts stacked next to the cement wall. How is this allowed? WTF do homeless guys need like hundreds of  trashed bikes/parts for?

Under the 22, smelly stinky crappy tunnel.

I thought this would be a nice shot at the end of our ride. When I viewed it at home, I noticed another homeless camp across the way!

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