Saturday, December 3, 2016

Disappointed With the Wind

Well, even though the forecast said 7 mph winds, I was still expecting 40 or so ha ha! Didn't happen!

But like always, the threat of wind scares off most of the cyclists. Only the hardcore were out there today willing to battle the wind. I saw Bad Bob, The Legend with his usual 4 finger nose salute! Mark, and a couple of River Velo dudes.

A rider on the forum was talking about getting a wind aided ride to the coast today. I didn't really feel it much. It seemed to be a headwind heading toward Imperial, then a headwind heading back to the coast. With the exception of a 2 or 3 miles section near Warner, I sure didn't feel much aid heading out ha ha!

But I sure felt the headwind heading back inland ha ha! But still managed 40 solo miles at a decent 17.0 MPH average.

                           Not very often you see the trail this empty. More kites than people on the beach and nobody else around but a bike and some sand ha ha!

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