Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Little Johnny Cash and Elvis Guitar

Got together with the brother over the holidays for a little jam session. Seems his voice was little better this time. Not so much of the Mickey Mouse high pitches ha ha! Gina says he seems more of a country singer.

I think this is the best take so far. Few mistakes here and there but with some practice time, I think we could work out the kinks. It is hard to play together without knowing exactly what the other guy is going to do. My Dad was watching and criticizing my brother's singing of certain words. Jeebus, we aren't really Johnny Cash, just a couple of dudes trying to put a song together. Heck I'm lucky I can form a C chord. :-P

We did get 3 copyright notices from youtube so I guess that is a good sign!

I really like this one! This is one song I never thought I would be able to play but it's coming along.

Gina says this one is a little fast. After review, I believe she is correct. Where was she when we were recording, would have helped. :-P

Another one of my favorites.


  1. Hey you guys are really quite good. At my end there is quite a lot of echo that makes it hard to really hear detail but I'm still impressed. Good work guys!

    1. Thanks M.L. !!!!! Yeah, I tell my brother to turn down the echo but he insists on it. I guess growing up watching too many Elvis movies. Like Elvis, if he starts singing on the beach, he expects there to be a big echo chamber ha ha! I guess upstairs at my parents house is no different! :-P