Saturday, December 17, 2016

Saturday Almost Solo 50 Miles

50 miles at 16.9 average. Well I started out solo aiming for 50. Thought about 60 but didn't want to hassle with detours heading to Green River so I was good with 50. Maybe a good thing as Imperial to Weir was pretty windy. I did do that section twice just to make sure I would get 50. One of my ride partners wanted to do the 60 with me but said his knee hurt and that he would do the ride but only riding my wheel and could not offer any help. Uhh no! Best if you do your own short ride so you don't damage your knee. I don't want to be responsible and on a 60 miler, if someone rides your wheel and doesn't offer help, that drives me crazy so better I ride alone, and Gina has a cold this week.

I did pretty good considering it seemed like  pretty good headwind this Saturday. When I got to the coast I had a 16.2. When I got there, Mark was there then a bit later Alex rode up. I watched the two play with the birds for a while then we headed back together. I took the front for the first couple miles, then Mark took the front for a few. I was feeling pretty good for quite a while Alex was up front. He seemed to pick it up and was kicking butt! Did a real long pull and I was happy just trying to stay with him. The closer we got to the end of my ride, the harder I had to try. Either Alex was getting faster and faster or I was getting tireder and tireder ha ha! Is that even a word? Must be cause I felt it ha ha! Anyway, we ended up going faster than I would have had I did the return 12 miles alone.

Some pics of Mark and Alex playing with the birds. Me at the end of the ride, happy it's over! :-P Cool day but felt nice with the sun!

When I arrived at the trail head, the place was  filled with homeless and people feeding them and passing out clothes. I couldn't even get by. But when I walked by a couple of the volunteers passing out stuff, I said, "Oh great, more shit for them to toss on the trail, thanks!". They didn't say a thing, just looked at me then looked away. Sure enough after the ride, I get back and look at all the crap they left behind. They ought to get fined for this, I know I would if I threw a chip bag on the ground. Like I said, the homeless have no rules and no laws.

Here are more crap pictures of the mess they are making out there. How can Anaheim allow this? All right outside the A Stadium. You know sooner or later, fans will start getting robbed out there!

One of several homeless camps, about 1/2 mile long.

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