Sunday, December 4, 2016

Gina's First Ride After 5 Weeks

31 Miles at 16.0 average.  Well she's back on the bike after her son's open heart surgery. He had a few complications but finally he is somewhat back to his normal self. So Gina was finally able to get back on the bike. I set an easy pace and a shorter course so that it wouldn't be too much for her after time off. She did well!

Ran into Mike at the coast so he joined us on the return. Also had a chat with Bad Bob and his buddy (can't ever remember his name).

Nice day but my God what huge mess the homeless are making of the trail. No reason, just tossing trash on the trail in the middle of nowhere. On the return today, the people that hang out at the Chapman underpass, just got a bunch of trash and old clothes and just tossed them out on the edge of the trail about 20 yards from where they camp. What a freaking mess!

Near the Honda Center, there were 5 or 6 Sheriff vehicles parked at the homeless camp blocking the trail. I was hoping they would chase them out but I don't think so, What a dump Anaheim is becoming!

So who here has never heard of "Manicure on Wheels" ?

This is trash the homeless just toss on the trail, other than the homeless camp areas.

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