Monday, December 12, 2016

Sunday Ride

Oh Crap! I forgot to post my Sunday ride ha ha! 35 miles at 16.2 average with Gina. Mike showed up at the start as he had been on the trail for a bit so he ended up with 55 miles. I stayed at the front the whole time to set the pace for Gina who did very well! Plus we saw the Legend out there, again!

On the way back we rolled by some lady ( I spotted on Strava Flybys). Wow, what a grump! We rolled by somewhere south of the 405. I looked at her as we rolled by and she pretty much snickered at me. Maybe she didn't but it was a sour look. Down on her aerobars but sat up once we rolled by.

Of course once we rolled by she gladly hopped on the back as if we were friends. She sucked wheel for 6 or 7 miles to Edna Park. We got split by some other riders and had wait for Mike so we slowed up. Then she went around Gina and I without so much as a smile, thanks, or even a decent look on her face! She got down on her bars again. Mike caught back up and I saw her look back like she was going for it. I figured she was ending her ride soon as she seemed to think she was really going somewhere. Again we passed her and she hopped on the back once again. Funny but we weren't even trying to lift the pace, just holding it steady for Gina. Sure enough she hopped off and turned off the trail as expected.

Wow, what a rude lady! No friendliness, no nothing, but an ugly sour face. I did find her on Strava and funny but she titled her ride, "Sunday Cruise". Ha ha lady, I don't consider working your butt off and going nowhere a cruise. Should have titled it Worked my butt off but still sucked anyway and thanks to those people who pulled my sorry ass lifting my average!". He he he! This laughing face is for you lady!!

I saw this ghost ship out on the water. I saw skeletons waving swords at me but when I pulled out the camera, they ducked!

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