Saturday, December 10, 2016

Under The Weather Ride

43 miles at 17.4 average. Woke up with a sore throat 3 days ago, last 2 days I was blessed with a stuffy nose. But hey, I want to ride my bike so who cares if I have snot hanging from my face ha ha! Chilly day, kind of dark and and a little hint of drizzle near the coast. Just enough to hinder your view through sun glasses.

Jose and I set out together as Gina went Christmas shopping for 9 grand kids ha ha! Jose and I took turns but he has been off the bike the last couple weeks so he said he was having a rough time near the end. I thought he rode really well but the last 3 miles he said "uncle!". He said he couldn't take his turns anymore but that was cool cause we did well over the previous mileage. So I told him to hang on to my wheel while I towed him the last 3. Still ended up with a good average, especially being under the weather.

When we started, we ran into Jose R. and his buddies. I'm not so sure they are River Velo any longer as the group seems to be mostly different guys than a few years back. Anyway, though we were warming up, we figured we'd hop on for a bit. Got a good tow for about 5 miles.My turn came up so I was more than happy to take the front for the last stretch to Yorba Park. A bit faster than our usual warm up but hey, got to take advantage of the help ha ha!

The group ended their ride there so Jose and I turned around and headed back to the coast. We ran into Shauna and Mike along the way. So I snapped a couple of pics for my blog ha ha! If you have never seen Shauna's Colnago, you need to check it out sometime if you run across them, pretty sweet bike! I believe I have posted pics before here on my blog.

Oh yeah! Nobody on the beach and it was very chilly!

                       Custom Holland bike. Ti with carbon at the triangles. Wow,high tech stuff!

Funny! After I snapped the pics of Shauna and her hubby on their bikes, she said I was so talented ha ha! We were approaching Chapman when I sat up and took the turn no hands, while placing my camera back into the case, then placed the case back into my jersey pocket under my windbreaker, all while taking the turn no hands ha ha! Talent? Ha ha ha ha ha! This is the turn, downhill, then under the underpass.

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