Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Night to The Star and Back

Short midweek night ride. Up San Antonio to 24th street 2 times with a little side trip up the east side of Euclid hoping to get a pic of the big star at night. It's hard to get a pic of that sucker! Sure is much nicer now, one piece high tech looking thing compared to the old one a few years back before someone stole it ha ha! If I 'member correctly, somebody donated the new star. That was nice of them!

13 miles with 1,289 ft of gain. Of course it started to sprinkle on me a couple of times. Thought I would get stuck out in the rain but that star must have brought me luck cause both times it stopped after like 2 minutes. So don't worry about me, I didn't get wet! But you know us So Californians, 53 felt a bit chilly on the descent ha ha!

                                                                   Close as I could!

Baby I'm a STAR!!!

Sure hard to get a night pic of your bike.

.....and as hard as it is to eat healthy in December, I am trying cause I know the tamales are coming ha ha!

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