Saturday, January 16, 2016

Me, Gina, and Aimee

44 miles 17.1 MPH average speed. Well just the three of us today. I was quite surprised. The girls did really well. Maybe cause I can keep a nice steady pace at the front without burning them out ha ha! Good speed and not once did either of them look tired. We did have a little interference on the way to the coast. Right at Katella some dude comes flying down the ramp at a good speed. Some reason the dude keeps looking back. Just holding our pace we're rolling up on the guy and each time he speeds up. OH GAWD give it a break mister! So finally he fades and we roll by. We are not racing, we are on roadies and he's on an MTB. OK I get it, you're trying to show how fast you are, wow you are amazing! NOT! So we roll by and he hops the back for a few seconds. Then he sprints around but right at he passes me he swerves with a hard right and almost takes out my front wheel. WTF! I'm really getting tired of these morons who think we're racing when all we are doing is trying to hold a steady pace. So we roll by again and this time I tell him, " if you're going to pass, try not to be a dope and take out my front wheel!". He just smiled but I'm sure the moron got the picture. OK maybe not! As we pass he bumps Aimee out of her position. WTF! So at this point I signal a slow down to the girls so we can let the idiot ride off. We''' turn off at Edna Park which is about 1/2 a mile away but sure enough the dope fades so we end up soft pedaling to the park. No, I'm not passing that idiot again, he might hurt one of the girls!

So we stop off at the park for a break and run into Henry. OK so he recognizes me and for once I am at a loss. Usually it's me that recognizes everyone. Well actually Henry looks lean and mean so it throws me off. I could sweat last time he was a little heavier. Must have been that 2 month tour he and his wife did a while back. He and Nancy did a big time tour. I don't remember the specifics but it was a long one! We chat a bit then head off, good to see ya Henry, looking good!

So later down the road we roll up onto another couple. We can see them from a mile away but we catch up just holding our pace. Again not racing anybody! We roll by then the couple and another dude hop on the back of our little train. OK coo! But as we hit that short steep little ramp after the 405 (heading South), the 3 of them all get dropped. OK now for Gina to drop somebody on the little climb? He he he! But we go up and they fall behind. We just continue on our merry way. then I hear them on the back again. OK cool! But a minute later the girl goes sprinting around the left. Uh oh! then a few seconds later her man goes around too! Ok now they are like 40-50 yards ahead and the lady starts bopping her head and swaying side to side. Now this is funny but Gina who never says anything says, "do you see that lady?". Yup, we'll be passing her in another minute or two ha ha! Wow this lady is digging into her bike giving it her all and going nowhere, fast! Her man is trying to pull her with a draft but it ain't helping. I'm not sure what Orange County puts in their water nowadays but it's hard to just go out for a ride and do your "thang" without men and now women trying to race you ha ha! Of course we just roll right by her a couple minutes later. Her face beet red and that smile of shame on her face! Quite entertaining though. Later at the beach stop they roll by (once they arrive). Her man shoots a quick wave but the gal just keeps her head down ha ha!

Well at least we are at the coast now, 32 miles down, 12 to go! then Jordan rides up and we have a good little fun chat! Jordan's cool, funny dude, always something funny to talk about. I wanted to take a pic of his all purpose bike but then he jumps in and insists on being in the picture ha ha! So I end up getting this Mario Brothers/Shriner looking pic for my blog ha ha! Jordan, too funny!

Lean Mean Henry!

Jordan's all purpose bike. Fat tires, ghetto blaster, lights, hope chest........

The Mario Brothers/ Shriner Pose! :-P (ref nose and shoes)

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