Thursday, January 7, 2016

Strava Cycling Adventure Video...Pretty cool!

Did you see your video? I didn't know they existed till today after seeing another guy post it on a forum. He said they sent and email and posted it on one's strava page. Mine didn't so I did a search and found it.

Had one for Gina too!

My stats:

3422 miles
103,482 ft gain
228 hours
3486  ft biggest climb
1338 kudos given
Best training partners Gina and Mike.


2865 miles
187 hours
67,582 ft gain
411 kudos
Best training partners Mr. Beanz and Mike
Biggest climb 568 ft. I didn't realize Gina hadn't rode GMR not even once this year. We'll have to fix that in 2016 he he he! :-P

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