Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Performance Bike Sucks

Being a customer of over 20 years I doubt I will ever buy there again with there being so many options out there now. Funny thing is I have never had an issue ordering online from other sites. I've never ordered Performance online. This purchase I am talking about is a walk in purchase (Ontario Mills store). Well order since they did not have the item but said they had it and I could order it through the store.
I purchased a pair of shorts as they had one pair in stock. Gina says I ought to get a second pair but out of stock in the store. So the cashier says we can order them and pick them up when they come in. We will get an email when they arrive. A week goes by and nothing, no email. So I go into the store and ask wassup! Where is my shorts or my $65?!

The dude says that the customer already picked up the order. WTF! I am the customer and would I be her if I had picked them up already? I have him look it up so he says sorry made a mistake.
So he can't figure out what's going on so he has me waste my time hanging out on the customer service line they have there. He says the order may have been cancelled. OK first, you took my money, WTF don't you just give credit the money back to the debit card. Sorry can't do that!
So I go through 2 customer reps then the second one says they mailed a check to me on Dec 21st. WTF! She says it mailed out Dec 21st when they cancelled the order. WTF didn't you send an note, they said they did, BS! Then she says allow 7 business days for delivery.
So now it's the 12th and still no check in the mail. So I call tonight to see WTF going on. I go through another 2 reps and finally the guy says it takes 7 business days to process in their system then a couple of weeks to deliver which should be right about ....now. WTF so he tells me to wait till Saturday and if it doesn't come back, to call again. WTF!
I told the guy, that's BS! We paid for the shorts up front in good faith after the salesman said they could get them. Then I looked on their website and the item still says available online. So I pretty much tell the dude, you guys are screwed. I've been buying things from their store for over 20 years, then they day you guys screw up, I have to wait a month for my money? We paid in good faith after your boy said you had the item in stock.
WTF don't you give me store credit so I can a different pair of since I have my receipt, just walk into the store and get my money back? Sorry sir but once the check is cut we can't do that!
WTF! It wasn't my mistake and I have to wait a moth to get my money back? I doubt I will ever buy anything at Performance agan!

Here is the review I posted on their Google search page.

Mr. Beanz here: They Suck! A one star because they don't have a ZERO!!!! bought a pair of shorts there for $65. Wanted a second but not in stock so the cashier said they could get them within a few days. So we pay up front. No email saying they came in as promised. So I go in and the dude tells me we picked them up already WTF! So he looks into it and finds he's mistaken. So I end up on their CS line for about 20 minutes trying to figure out where my $65 is. They cancelled the order but didn't say squat about it. So where is my money? Lady says they cut a check on the 21st so it will take 7 business days to get to my home. 14 business days late I am on the phone again talking to another 2 CS reps. Now they tell me it takes 7 day s to process in their system and 2 to 3 weeks to deliver my money back to me. WTF! I have a store receipt and I paid up front, just give me my money back or store credit. Sorry can't do that! WTF! They screwed up and I have to let them have my money for a month? I've been an in store customer for 20 years and bought a ton of stuff. they can look on their computer system and verify that! I also ordered from other online sites like Ribble and Pro Bike Kit and NEVER HAD A PROBLEM! Funny thing is if you look online, the shorts on which they cancelled my order stay says available online so someone else will probably get screwed too, BEWARE! So I've spent literally thousands of dollars over the years at Performance but I swear I will never buy another item from them. I paid in the store,have a receipt but they can't give me my money back or credit the debit card. If the store clerks didn't have their heads up their asses, this never would have happened!Goodbye Performance!

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