Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday SART & The Jose Show

Well I was looking for a way to use the rear Go Pro recorder on the tandem. I looked at those clip on bike racks at the shops and hot damn, $55! :-O I went to Wally World and found a cheapo for $15. Basic simple aluminum rack. I don't really like to remove the seat posts (slide on) unless I have to but for $55 I felt like I ha to ha ha! It worked well and did the job. I use the sticky Go Pro mount and a tether just in case the glue gave for whatever reason. Might be a little bouncy compared to my rear seat rail mount but that won't work on the tandem. Of course Gina is not one to push the right buttons so it gave me a chance to use the remote control I bought a couple months back. FTR, had to buy another battery for the recorder as well cause that Wifi thing really drains the battery whether you record or not.

So we rode the tandem today. Usually I take the lead for most of the ride but today I rotated with Jose quite a bit. I'd say he did at least maybe more of the pulling. He did pretty well but the last couple miles he faded a bit. Well I did lift the pace some just to test him he he he!

It was a real nice day too! Little bit of breeze but not much. Of course you only feel it when you're rolling! I sure can't wait for daylight savings time though so we can get in more midweek miles and tandem riding. Sure makes a difference.

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