Friday, January 29, 2016

One out of Five Performance Service Reps Not An Idiot!

What a bunch of idiots. Recap: Dec 19th. We paid for shorts at the store as the cashier said they would be in within 5 days. No call so I go in, they say I picked them up already. WTF! So they have me call on the CS line. Order was cancelled as they are no longer available. I have a receipt but the store won't refund the money, give me store credit or return the funds to the debit card.
Jan 4th CS rep on the store hotline phone tells me check was issued on Dec 23rd, will arrive within 7 days. I ask why not a simple return funds or store credit. Oh we don't work that way she says!
No check, so I call again from home. on Jan 12th. Uhh I don't know sir why she said that but it can take 3 to 4 weeks for delivery of the check. But yes, THE CHECK WAS SENT TO YOU MADE OUT TO YOU ON THE 24th! Wait another few days and call back if you don't receive it.
I call back on the 21st. No check. The guy says he will look into it. No call back so I go online and get an email address. I explain the situation again. Guy asks for a receipt number and says he will get back with me.
Never gets back with me so 4 days later I sent an email asking about the situation. No reply!
F it I'm calling again!
This time the lady on the phone says let me look into it as the story about the check can not be true as that is not their policy when paid with a debit card. WTF!!!!!
So she says she will ask her supervisor and get details. I don't mind hanging on the line if it settles the problem. She gets back on and says yes sir, it was credited back to the debit card number ending blah blah blah on December 23rd.
WTF!!! I was told that a check had been cut on the 23rd by 4 other CS !!!!!
She says she doesn't know why the others would say that as that is not their policy. WTF!!! So I was very polite to her and thanked her for settling the situation.

Now who are the other 4 idiots that had me waiting for a checking the mail when all I had to do was verify the funds had been returned to the debit card had I known and not been told I would receive a check. This while the entire time I am asking them to simply return the funds to the card and they said no as it's against their policy!
So I get back on the email and thank the CS rep Jeremy for  avoiding any kind of response and tell him that as far as a customer service rep he is pretty much worthless if he can't even follow up on the situation.

The whole freaking time these idiots had me thinking I was waiting for a check when in fact it had been credited back to the debit card!

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