Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday Tandem

Gina and I headed off on the tandem alone today. Jose didn't show and didn't call so we don't know what happened to him as the day before he said he was riding. Mike said he would be a little late so we headed out alone. Wow, sure am glad cause ti was real tough to warm up. Us Cali people aren't used to the cold ya know! My Garmin says average of 61 but it sure felt colder. Must have been the threat of rain that made it feel cold. Glad I decided to bring my wind breaker and tights cause it sure felt cold when we started rolling!

Mike caught up with us at Yorba Park. Then we headed off to the coast hoping it wouldn't rain. We caught a few little drops near the coast but it couldn't have been any better timing ha ha! Gina and I stayed at the front till maybe Warner. Mike got in the front at that point then later we ended up catching some dude riding alone. Mike rolled by him but once we got around the guy, he speeds up and rolls around us on our left. I can never figure out why a rider doing his thing feels he has to speed up and/or pass you once he gets passed. For whatever reason this really bothers me. Like really? We can't just do our thing without some dude feeling threatened that we passed him? If we passed you from miles behind, I guess we should be impressed that he can lift the pace for 1/2 mile? Give me a break ha ha!

So when the dude rolls around our left I shouted out to Mike, "careful, there's a racer passing on our left!". Ha ha ha just then the guy looks over at me and says, "well I don't know about a racer" then he continues to speed up around our left. Our plan was to hold 17 MPH to the coast so we were doing about 17/17.5. But the guy rolls on ahead and Mike holds our pace. Just after the last underpass we roll around Mike and retake the lead. Uh oh! Look ahead, that dude has really blown his wad ha ha! So we're rolling by him again holding 17. I know the game, if I pass him, he'll hop on our wheel and probably shoot around at the end like Lance. BUT!!!! I ain't gonna let that happen this time cause right at that moment, it starts to rain, very lightly but I feel the drops and see them covering my lenses. So right as we are passing the guy I shout back to Gina, C'mon let's lift the pace so we can get under shelter before it really starts raining. So we hammered to the coast. Sure enough the dude couldn't hold on ha ha! Oh well, he said he wasn't a racer but it seemed he wanted to race us he he he!

                                                                    Yorba Park

No riders at the rest stop so Mike and I posed for pics ha ha!

Dang sure proud to say I am Mexican at times. Bunch of idiots!

California Winter

Nobody on the road nobody on the beach........I should write a song!

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