Saturday, January 30, 2016

Riiiiiiiiiding In The Rain!

Well we set out to do a 60 miler, Green River on SART. At the start we ran into Dale who we hadn't seen in quite some time. Tall dude 6'6. Plus having Aimee with us I think we had the tallest and shortest person on the trail with us today ha ha! Dale hung with us from A stadium to Green River then back to the stadium.

I saw the forecast predict a 20% for about one hour today. What the heck is 20%? It never rains at 20%! But it was dark and somewhat cold so I opted for the tights and windbreaker. I really thought about leaving them as the others weren't wearing them but what the heck, it's along ride and you never know! While we were at Yorba Park Aimee asked Gina why we were so bundled up. Well she would find out later ha ha! About 2 miles before the coast 45 miles in it started to rain. I didn't ask questions, I had been at the front all day setting the pace so I just continued on hoping none of the others would object to continuing on ha ha! I really thought it would stop cause what the heck is 20% right? I was expecting Aimee to say something but she kept on. But by the time we got to the coast we were pretty much soaked. Figuring we would take a short break and head back before it got too wet. WRONG! Didn't stop but got heavier.

Well little Aimee had only a jersey and arm warmers. I'm wearing and under layer, jersey and a windbreaker. PI which does a pretty good job or repelling the water so I offer it to her cause she's starting to shiver with the wet cold. First she says no bu then Gina tells her to take hers and Gina will take mine. Good idea, closer match as far as fitting!

So we head back and right away I feel the wet strip up my back. Oh darn, this is going to get cold ha ha! Oh well it's better than little Aimee getting wet. But once I was pretty much soaked it didn't really feel all that cold to me so I was fine. Thighs a bit chilly but I was cool, get it he he he! Back at the cars Aimee did say that the windbreaker made a big difference and thanked Gina.You see, I always do nice things like offering up my windbreaker but Gina is always the one who gets thanked ha ha!

Joaquin did a section of the ride with us. Maybe 15 miles. But when it was at it's wettest, he flatted on the return. He dropped back and called out to Jose. We slowed wondering what was going on then Mike said Joaquin flatted. I asked the girls if we should stop. Hell NO! He he he it's wet out here! :-P

Anyway, it was a nice ride overall and happy that the others went along without questioning my authority he he he! :-P Lots of dirty faces after the ride.

Plenty of people on forums ask why we don't ride in the rain. Not that it hurts or anything but I just hate getting the bikes dirty. This one took us by surprise but usually we wait a day and can avoid the mess!

You sure that bike is the right size? :-P

Stupid Mexicans! Yeah I'm Mexican to but I don't do stupid crap like this!

Just gave up my jacket getting ready to get some wet!

Gina or Bill Cosby ha ha!

Wet and mud up the back!

A little sexy hip check he he!

Dirty face!

Poor Chuck!

Getting dirty Aimee!

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