Thursday, January 14, 2016

Missing My Buddies!

It's amazing how many people we have met over the years cycling. I was laying in bed last night just searching pics etc when I came across Robert's picture. It was a ride we did back in 2010'ish. He posted on a forum as Mad_One (he rode a Madone). He rode with Gina and I on the trail for a couple of years. He ended up getting a brain tumor. Received treatments then recovered but later developed another kind of cancer. He would never tell us saying he didn't want us to feel sorry for him and that he would again someday ride with us. Then I saw on his FB page friends were saying goodbye. What? I did a search and found he our he was driving home from treatment, passed out and ran into a tree. 43 years old, had just bought a new car and and a new condo across from Angel Stadium. Died May 2012.

Then Boyd who we met back in 1996. Rode with him and visits for years at the beach stop. Got cancer then somewhat recovered. Showed up for a few rides then got a letter form his wife a couple months later after realizing we hadn't seen him for a while. He had been on and off the bike for about a year. Died March 2012.

Wow, just so sad when you get used to seeing your friends out there all the time then one day , they are just gone. So strange to look at their pics and it's almost as if you can still hear there voices.

                Boyd was so cool! Never said one negative word about anybody or anything!

Robert on the Damn Dam! (SGRT forum ride)

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