Friday, January 8, 2016

The Beanzles Ha Ha Ha!

I played to a backing track. The backing track is the bass, the drums and the electric organ lead.
I found it on youtube so I figured I would try it out. I played my acoustic and did the back up vocals. Then I played it back and tried to sing the song. So I am playing the guitar and doing all the singing.

Pretty much the best singing I can do as I'm not a singer but I listened to the song a few time to try to figure out how it goes. I may be close but not being a singer I think it sounds pretty cool. The drums does a lot for keeping time, much better than playing alone.

I had posted it on forum for kicks then some dude (Donkpow) got it and cleaned it up posting the picture throughout the song. This is what I wanted to do in the first place but couldn't figure it out late last night. The dude is involved with mixing and stuff like that (over my head) so it came out pretty cool! :-P

He calls it "The Beanzles". For those that don't know, it's the Beatles version of  Baby It's You.

Thanks Dude! I may be the next overnight sensation on You Tube he he he!

This was my original that he cleaned up

Helter Skelter.....This is pretty cool! Plaing my guitar to a drum track. First part is my guitar and the second part is the drum track alone so you can hear the difference. Now if you can sing, sing along ha ha!

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