Thursday, March 17, 2016

GMR.......Like I said

Like I said, when I get a free day off, I ride he he he! Today I figured I'd go up GMR/GRR. I rode to the high point then turned around. Back along the 4 mile point I realized I wasn't going to reach my 5,000 ft gain goal so I turned around and headed back up a bit. Then down. Again at the bottom I was 300 ft short darnit! So I turned around again and headed back up for a mile or so. That sucks since I'm out of water at this point. So I was out of water when I hit the shack on the return. But sometimes a man has got to do what a man has got to do ha ha!

The MTB riding must be helping cause I was up GMR before I even realized I was getting tired ha ha! A couple points on GRR I was getting ready for the struggle then realized I was beyond the point I was dreading. OK I will take it! OK so the last 1/4 mile was a pain in the butt but hey, I think my legs were somewhat fried from the 2,000 ft MTB ride I did 2 evenings ago.

I was feeling pretty good thinking I'd have a good ride to the shack at least. But there was some road maintenance just before Newman's Point so I was forced to stop. Lost about 3 minutes or so there. Oh well got in a good breather!  But otherwise a really nice day to ride!

Man it is hard to get a good selfie on a 7% grade ha ha!

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