Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tandem Green River Ride

60.8 at 16.2 average. Well we got a late start hoping it wouldn't rain. 20% chance today and 85% on Sunday. We got lucky, got a few drops here and there but nothing that would get the ground wet. It would get cold here and there but nothing too bad. We did get a little rack and cargo net for the tandem so that we could carry stuff on it. So taking the windbreakers along in case of rain is easy now.

We started way after Mike started. He had been to Green River and back as we ran into him near Lincoln. He already had about 30 miles but he turned around and rode with us back to Green River. He said he was already tired so he sat on our wheel the whole way to GR and back to Edna Park where he called it quits. So Gina and I rolled on to the coast. We hadn't been on the tandem much lately so I wanted to see how we would do on a 60 miler. Yeah it can be a little more exhausting than the single bikes. I know I can't stand to pedal or rock at will. On the tandem you're pretty much set where you sit. Plus the counterbalancing takes its toll. So I was pretty surprised that we did well on the ride.

Mark was supposed to ride with us but he was behind schedule. We ran into him at Yorba Park as after hitting up GR. So he headed off alone to GR as we headed to the coast.  We did see him headed to the coast as well later in the day. We took a much shorted break at the coast knowing we were so behind schedule with the late start.

Ah yes, we did see Ricky on the side of the road. Looked like he was with someone changing a flat maybe?

Cool and breezy but we managed 60 point something miles after adding a bit on PCH.

The first picture was right after Gina rubbed my back while we were riding. I said thanks Honey but it ain't my back that's hurting. Now if you really want to rub me where I'm hurting........! :-P This was her response, Uhhh no! Ha ha ha!

Some very brave or very hungry birds.

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