Friday, March 11, 2016

MTB Claremont Hills

Well I did 2 loops on Wed and 2 loops on Thursday evenings. Each day is over 2,000 ft of gain. The second day my legs really felt it ha ha! A good 4,000+  of climbing for the week so far. Not bad.

I've been messing with my shock air pressure and tire pressure trying to get more comfortable on the descents. Funny but when you are going down it feels and looks real fast. MYmax speed on these rides is about 25. Then when I watch it on video, it looks like I'm doing 5 mph ha ha! Years ago I crashed 2 times on the downhill at about 25 MPH and got hurt! Maybe that's why I'm still timid on the downhill. Sure is much easier descending on a road bike though! :-P

Wed and Thursday profile

A few clips from the rides.

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