Saturday, March 12, 2016

NO GMR Bummer!

Few images for now. Hopefully a weekend ride video at a later time.

Well my plan was to do GMR today. But last night inspecting the bikes I found Gina had a flat tire. So I made the repair but didn't feel comfortable letting her go out on a mountain ride. I never feel good going out on a ride with fast descents and switchbacks riding new equipment that hasn't been tested. For all I know the tire could have come off the rim on the first ride. That would be devastating on GMR. Not to mention my plan was to hit Cow Canyon Saddle then head back to see how far Gina made it up the mountain. I figure she may be a little beyond the shack figuring her breaks. So she would be out there alone for a bit and I was not feeling good about it.

So we hit the trail instead. 44 miler at 17.3 average on the single bikes. Again Gina did very well! We ran into Gail and Mark at the parking area who joined us on the ride. Well most of the ride till Mark hit something that tore up his sidewall. We all stopped but he insisted we head on while he made the repair. Not a problem, I know some people get nervous while others watch so we headed out. He must have done pretty good with the repair as they were not far behind arriving back at the parking area.

Ran into George at the coast. Getting ready for a half Iron Man.

Few images from the video

                                                    Me, Gina, Gail, and Mark


Gail happy  with her ride!

Waving Mark

The upside down recording trick

Licking the lens trick! :-P

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