Saturday, March 26, 2016

SART Saturday Tandem

I will have a video on Monday sometime during the day.

44 miles at 16.6 average. Nice ride and no real hard efforts. Just a nice pleasant cruise with Gina. Figured we would try out the new tire on the tandem. Conti GatorHardshell. A bit tougher than a Gatorskin from what I have read. Some say it feels slower. Meh! I think it's in their heads. Just like many heavier riders (as I am) swear Deep V rims are too heavy and slow them down. Uhh yeah, the fact that you only ride 200 miles per year may have something to do with it ha ha! Anyway I thought the tire was fine!

Gina and I actually had a chance to ride all alone today, shocker! We did run in to Mark and Gail at the coast but they held back when we left. Bummer cause I didn't get any ride video ha ha! I guess there is always Sunday.

But I did get some video of various people. At the coast we ran into Dale and Raul. Dudes seemed pretty enthused about being out on the bike. We exchanged a few bike tales then they headed off. But not before taking a few pics and telling them about my blog ha ha! They will be in the video with a few words.

Also ran into Alex and had a brief chat as the gang hung out at the beach stop for a bit. Super nice day for a ride! Only bummer was I had all my video recorders along with remotes etc but no subjects ha ha!

Dale and Raul

One thing I was good at was "roller" skating! Rollerblades are OK but roller skates is where it's at!

I was tempted to go tuck her tag in for her ha ha!



Gina's meat head look ha ha!

Picture taken by Mark sent to me via text. Said he felt this picture was appropriate for this blog ha ha!

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