Monday, March 21, 2016

Sunday SART

No Gina so I had a free pass to ride at my own pace. managed an 18 mph average over the 44 miles. My legs were feeling pretty tired. I managed 160 miles with 8,796 ft of climbing. half of that MTB miles so my legs have got the right ha ha!

Managed pretty steady 18-19 into the wind most of the time. Caught up to this guy who then hopped on the back. Wow what a sweet bike. Some super deep carbon rims and a super nice bike. After a few miles he offered to take the front. He held 18 for about half a mile but was looking pretty beat so I had to go around cause he was messing up my average ha ha. But he was kind enough to say thanks after the ride.

Darn cold weather!

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