Saturday, March 19, 2016

SART Saturday 60 MIler

 Set out for a 60 miler with Gina, Aimee, Mike and Jose. Green River turnaround point. Nice day, cool but not cold (16.2 average). Kind of sucked just before Gypsum with the detour. Very narrow lane next to concrete barriers. Not bad but cyclist are supposed to use the southbound lane on the opposite side of the road which they don't. So trying to squeeze 2 bikes heading in opposite directions sucks! If only people could follow direction, it would be a lot safer for those of us who do!

Anyway I told the guys today that they would be taking turns at the front. I did  some pretty good climbing this week so it's about time I got some relaxation as well. Felt really good letting the guys do some of the work ha ha! Heck I almost got spoiled and just wanted to stay back in line. Got some good turns out of Mike and Jose. Then later we ran into Joaquin who was doing his usual 20 miler so we let him help us for a bit. 50 miles into the ride Gina faded and couldn't hold the pace Joaquin was setting on the return. So I waved him on and figured we would be better off doing Gina's pace. I wasn't trying to kill her and 60 was a darn good ride anyway!

                           Don't know the green guy at the end but he was happy to hang on
                                             the end for about 5 miles then turned around.

Aimee's "I just made a wise crack at Mr. Beanz" look! :-O

Ran across these anonymous people along the way! :-P

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