Wednesday, March 23, 2016

MTB Mario

Well I planned to do 2 loops at the MTB park. Ended  up running into Mario on the mountain bike. We got to talking on the way up and he asked if I would record him descending this giant wall. Sadly the video does not capture the true grade of the wall but it is steep! So we took a few shots then I went on my way. Ended up with 2 1/4 loops hoping to get a bit over 2,000 gain today.

Felt pretty good considering I had a migraine a couple days ago and wasn't sure how I would feel. First migraine in a couple years but any migraine sucks ha ha! But I got in 15 miles and 2300 ft of gain so I am happy!

I made a Mountain Bike Mario video first. Then I hope to make a Mr. Beanz version of my ride as well so hopefully I have a second video soon.

I had to make one that is safe for Mario to show his wife ha ha!

The Mr. Beanz version.

The Mario version

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