Monday, March 14, 2016

SART & Anonymous Video Footage

So where do I start So much stuff ha ha! So this video is all raw no music video. I spoke with most of the riders we saw out there including the birds he he he! Seriously! Those little suckers are so brave they crawl right onto your lap for food. Either they are really brave or the honey stingers are just that good ha ha!

So I ended up with some footage from a videographer who is keeping it on the down low. Well if you know him, you'll recognize his shadow ha ha!

Most of my video is talking with others. Bad Bob (Rob), Greg The Legend, Joaquin and Bat Man (Eduardo), Frank and his Masi build up out for it's first ride. Gale, George, did I forget anyone? Anyway watch the video then tell me. :-P

Gina and I had a good weekend. 44 on Saturday then 44 on Sunday. I felt really good both days but Gina was a bit tired on Sunday. But being the trooper she is she toughed it out anyway!

Mark did get a sidewall damage flat on Saturday. The anonymous videographer managed to capture it on film. Slo mo shows the rock that most likely caused the damage.

Some images:

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