Sunday, November 6, 2016

44 Miler With Aimee

Gina couldn't ride today so I headed off with Aimee. She hasn't been on the bike in a few weeks so I promised an easier paced ride. Of course Aimee always does good anyway. Ended up with an easy 16.0 MPH pace over the 44 miles.

We did however meet an old friend of mine who hopped on halfway through the ride. He rode with me and a few buds up Baldy Rd about 20 years ago. He did well way back then but today he had a hard time keeping up. He used to tease me and my buds back then saying we were old guys. Well now he is the old guy ha ha, no more 21 Mister ha ha!

We did run into lonely Bad Bob out there. Riding alone so he turned around and rode with Aimee and I to the coast. We had given Alex a bit of a head start then caught him at the wooden bridge after a chat with bad Rob-Bob. Then Alex hopped on and enjoyed the draft behind Bob and I.

At the coast we ran into Jordan, who has some really sweaty hands ha ha! No gloves but he didn't need any cause he wiped his sweat all over my hands when we shook hands!

Aimee and I held the pace down just trying to get in a decent ride. Felt pretty good and a nice tail wind back was nice!

Did see Herb and Alyce out there too! Nearly missed them as Bob and I were in deep conversation, but we saw ya ha ha!

                                                  Aimee and I heading back to the coast

Figured we'd have lunch with the homeless while we wait for Alex to show.


OK, not 21 anymore ha ha!

He said he wanted a suffer pose ha ha!

Bad Bob

Jordan. No his hands are no longer full of sweat. It's all on me how ha ha!

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