Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Retiring from Cycling. Must Be Rock Star!

Cycling takes too much time so I'm going Rock Star!

OK not really. Btu every once in a while I run across a song and tell myself I should try this one ha ha! I looked up the chords and the notes so I could do both parts.

I played the chords and did the singing. Yeah I know I can't sign but I have to to keep track of the song in order to play it.

So I sing and play chords while recording with the Flip recorder. Then I play it back on the computer screen and play the notes along with the chords and singing I already played.

actually sounds pretty good other than  the singing ha ha!

I know, ain't real good but it's fun trying to piece something together!

Again, I know I can't sing but I'm more concerned with trying to play the guitar and yeah, it's all me!

50 second video and I ain't even gonna charge you to listen to it he he he!

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