Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Do You Use the Strava Flybys"

I've mentioned this to a few riders I know who post on Strava and not many have used it or even know of it. I've told a few and they just stand there with their fingers up their butts ha ha!
I've explained it to them and they say it sounds cool. Not sure if they'll find it on their own. So I figured I'd make this cheesy little video showing how it works.
Click on flybys, check riders you want to track or check all, drag cursor along the lower elevation graph to make the bubbles move. You can also zoom in and out like a google map for close ups. Sp if you see someone on your tail, you can zoom in and see exactly what's going on.
Or chose the riders you want to track and push play on the rider legend (top left corner). Moves slow so use the speed button to increase the speed of the movement on the map (upper right corner of the legend).

If you click on one of the bubbles with a name on it, it will open another window and show you that rider's info for that ride.

Pretty cool deal. If you cross paths with a friend, you can see it. If you get passed or dropped, you can see just who it was that crushed your soul!

Cheesy video and a cheesy explanation.

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