Saturday, November 19, 2016

Almost Solo !!!

46 miles @ 18.0 average.

Had a chance to ride solo today so I went for it! I did the 46 alone till I got to the coast. There I had a 17.4 average so I was pretty happy with that. Figuring and hoping there would be a tail wind, I was thinking I could get at least a 17.7 or 17.8.

But Joaquin showed up at the beach stop and pretty much insisted on riding back with me. So we took turns at the front for that 10 mile stretch back to Edna Park where he starts and ends his 20 mile ride. I figured he would have fresher legs compared to mine doing a shorter ride. I think at one point, maybe 8 miles back I started feeling kind of tired. I told him he could push on alone if he wanted but he refused so we stayed together.

We did some pretty even turns at the front but as soon as we left the coast, we passed some dude. He hopped on so I figured he would take his turns at the front, but he didn't! Every time I finished my pull, he would back off and leave a space. I gave him the look a few times. Ya know that, "you're a cheeseball!" look! He didn't care, he was happy to sit back there and offer up nuthin'! We did drop him a few times on the little climbs so maybe he felt he wasn't strong enough to help. He'd catch up once we leveled out. The dude didn't even try to take my wheel after Joaquin dropped off. I'm pretty sure he knew I would call him to the front or cuss him out ha ha!

I was getting tired by the time we got to Edna. But on the last stretch I got up front and gave it one last good push! I pushed so hard, snot came out of my nose ha ha! But it was a good stretch of work with Joaquin.

I did see Bad Bob crossing paths near the coast. He probably didn't recognize me being solo. He likes to swerve into our lane at times and give us a little teasing scare. Today it didn't seem he recognized me so I swerved into his lane today. I think I may have got him today, payback ha ha!

                                               My story and I'm sticking to it!


This is what you get when you ask for a smile!

Gina says this is my best side. I'm guessing that's why she calls me butt face all the time!

Helmet Hair!

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