Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday With Aimee

44 miles at 16.6 average. Supposed to be an easy ride today but man, with the stiff headwind it was hard work! It was push hard or fall down ha ha! Aimee has been on vacation so I planned an easy pace today.  My legs were still toasty after yesterday. I figured 16 would be good but once we went inland and back to the coast (32 miles) I was at 16.1. Perfect! With the tailwind we would easily end up at 16.3 or so.

But !! At the coast we ran into this couple. For the life of me, I can never remember their names. Aimee and I started back then they caught us so we lifted the pace a little more than we planned. I was worried about Aimee not having been on the bike for a while but she was able to hang tough at a faster pace than I planned. Pretty good on Aimee cause I know if I take one week off the bike, I really suck ha ha!


Birds were really friendly today!

Man, I really wish these people treating the homeless to goodies would  be more careful and take charge of keeping everybody safe. I'm thinking sooner or later, one of these organizations is going to get sued after a cyclist gets hurt. They encourage the homeless to gather, blocking the trail, walking across aimlessly putting cyclist in danger. This is a smaller gathering compared to most. The larger gatherings is where the homeless park their bikes across the path in both directions and flock the trail. But it seems none of the orgs have enough sense to see that there are many cyclists traveling by on the trail. Heck, last week I saw a couple of the volunteers playing catch football along the trail. OK, the 50 cyclists you just saw roll by  isn't a hint that maybe you shouldn't be blocking the trail ???

I don't know, I feel no sorrow for the homeless. Heck, they've busted up the door handles and locks at the Honda Center restroom. Today, somebody got some messy crap and smeared it all over the inside to two toilets. Must be nice, have everybody provide for you and have no responsibilities and damage whatever you like and not have to worry about being held responsible!  :-(


  1. It's getting worse all the time! Besides this area, they feed down the trail past the next bridge, and up at the restrooms. They also drive up to the fence across from Anaheim Stadium and behind the firing range and set up tables and carts. Every week I have a dangerous situation come up on the trail because of them. See my picture on Strava of the two guys at the bridge near Edna Park.

    1. That is correct Ron! Matter of fact, that is right when we crossed paths heading opposite directions. We met you on the bridge but right before that, they had the entire trail blocked off as there were about 5 of them. I was shouting at the top of my lungs, not sure if you heard me. They also had a loose dog. Aimee is really terrified of getting hurt so I was shouting big time. they actually moved and apologized, I was shocked. Sadly they keep building more parks for them to destroy. that one there in your picture (wood landing just South of Edna Park was set on fire sometime back. They camp under the deck and light fires. The people that feed them and encourage them to gather should be responsible for everybody's safety and cleaning up their messes, for our safety!