Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Man it is Dark Out There!

Now these are night rides now that the time has changed. But very refreshing and exhilarating! Heck, makes me want to do an night ride up GMR. Well tonight was a nice ride, really felt good! I actually did 3 times up to 24th street and each time my legs felt good. Hopefully they are coming back.

15.8 miles with 1,260 ft of gain. Nice little ride. Of course getting out of traffic is a bit nerving but once I am above Baseline, it's pretty cool. Second and third time up I hardly saw any traffic. But I do my best to be seen.

2 rear red blinkies, 2 headlights, and the two tri color ankle bands for side traffic. I do encounter a lot of side traffic at the 4 way stops but drivers are always courteous letting me go first. I think it really helps when you actually make complete stops. Heck, sometimes you want a break and don't get one cause the drivers wave you through. Can't say no as there are usually 4 or 5 waiting on you ha ha! Oh well, at least I know they see me at the 4 way stops in the dark of night!

Stupid cell phone cameras. Can't ever get a clear shot cause the cells are too tall and awkward. Trying to push that silly button!

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