Friday, November 25, 2016

Post Thanksgiving Ride & Freaking Homeless People are a Danger

47 miles today at 16.8. I called it Day After Thanksgiving Sail on my logs ha ha! Cause that is what it felt like today, riding into the headwind with a sail. I gave it my all but wasn't going anywhere. I  did a much easier ride last week at a much lesser effort and had nearly the same average speed. Sucked but hey, I got in my ride!

Not many bikinis out today as I went tot he pier. But there were some hotties! Not sure about other stated but they are here as it nears Winter. We're so spoiled in SoCal  ha ha!

Got one hottie on the bike heading the opposite way. She gave a big smile to the recorder. I thought she did but once I got home and viewed the footage, yeah she did. This gal loves the camera ha ha!

As far as the homeless? Geot damn! How much can they get away with? Will it take a cyclists getting seriously hurt before the city/county/ whoever does something about the problem?

Today I was heading down the underpass next to the Honda Center. All kinds of crap on the trail, man on left side, man on right side and a big dog in the middle of the lanes, WTF! I got cited in my own front yard, fenced yard when I let a dog out to pee. They yard enclosed by a good sturdy fence all around but I got cited because the gate was not properly secured. Unbelievable! Today I encountered 3 unleashed dogs on the trail at homeless camps.

Unfreakining believable! Must be nice not to have any rules or laws to follow! I swear, today there were local thugs hanging out at the camps smoking weed openly like nothing! Nice!

                                                   The good and the bad video! :-P

Thugs hanging with the homeless smoking dope (right side) 

Big dog and 2 men blocking trail, and a bunch of SHIT! One man not in pic, left side

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