Saturday, November 12, 2016

SART No Gina & 36 PR's Ha Ha!

Well today was a ride with Jose and Mike,, no wimmins! 46 miles @ 18.7 MPH average. I will say that I am pretty tired after today's ride ha ha! The three of us started out at a steady pace and it ended up to a be a pretty good pace. The guys at the end were lifting the pace a bit to see if we could raise the average some but this time, I had a hard time on the final 3 or 4 miles. But I was impressed with the speed. I was tired but I knew if we were doing a longer ride, I'd be fine if we slowed the pace down for a couple miles. Man. I just could not recover today while trying to lift the pace.

We did the ride pretty much with just the 3 of us till the final stretch home. A dude that goes by "Don Wonderful" hopped on the back then said he would work with us. We had met him before on another ride and he helped us then too. At least he was one of the guys who does his share, cool! I thought  he would do more miles with us but turns he turned off Warner (?) so it was a rather short stretch with us.

As some of our friends may know, Gina's son had open heart surgery on Wed to replace a leaking aortic valve. Years of dialysis has contributed to the deterioration of his organs. Gina donated a kidney to the guy about 16 years ago. That kidney lasted a year then also failed.

Well turns out both her sons have kidney failure. One 17 years ago and the other 3 years ago. Neither of them are doing very well right now. Both on dialysis and both with heart failure.

Well the new valve was a struggle for surgeons to install (?) but turns out there are more problems than just that. The new valve is supposed to have a life span of 7 years but the surgeons said his heart is so complicated that if he returns for more work, they will have to turn him away. Not good!

Turns out his hear is twisted inside (best and easiest explanation) so everything is out of place and hard to work with in surgery. So we are hoping for the best and if you can, keep Gina in your thoughts! :-)

Did see Alyce and Herb heading the opposite direction, as well as Alex. Then Mark, Ron & Dixie at the coast.

                                                                      Jose and Mike

I'm not sure but I think Mark is flashing French gang banger signs ha ha!

Dixie wanted a pic of Ron and Mark with all their birdbrain friends ha ha (roof)

Dixie. Sorry Mark your wheel was not worthy of the pic so I chopped it out! :-P

I'm pretty sure Mark wore his cycling shoes and sock to the polls ha ha!

Don Wonderful behind Mike.

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