Sunday, November 13, 2016

November Day in SoCal

I think we were all a bit tired from yesterday's ride so today we had planned to chill out a bit. But Jose said, I bet we can do an 18 average again!". Mmm OK! We started a bit slow but hey, we were rollin' so why not?! Ended up only doing Lincoln then back to the coast, across PCH to Main St.

On the way back we ran into Bad Bob again. He joined us for a bit but at that point I was trying to keep a good feeling on the bike so I skipped on the pictures ha ha!

So we ended up with an 18.4 average overall for 37 miles which is much better than I expected, and I felt much better today than I did yesterday! ;-)

Not as many bikinis at the beach, but they are there! We took a short break so it figures, when I put the camera back in the case, that's when they all come by. Grrr!

                                                            Beach volleyball!

Hmm, looks like a fire up ahead!

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