Saturday, September 17, 2016

44 Saturday Miles

44 miles at 16.3 MPH average (Garmin Connect). Nice day but felt breezy to me. Really got a workout today. Some kind of organized ride going on. I was at the front all day today controlling the pace. Passed a lot of riders that were doing the organized ride. They jump on but do you think any of them would off to take the front? Ha ha ha, just a rhetorical question. :-P

Had a brief chat with Mark at the coast then Dr. Sarah rode up. Had to jam so we headed out. Along the way we say Ron & Dixie as well as Bad Bob by himself. Hey what happened to all his friends?

Ran into Joaquin and Eduardo at the coast. Doing their usual 19 miler. We left together then after 4 or 5 miles they zoomed around us and took off like bats out of hell! Gina did well but faded near the end. I dunno! Today just seemed a little bit rough but a nice day.

                                  Heading to Yorba with a couple of dudes hopping on the back.


We did ride with Team Sky for a bit today ha ha! Ed and Joaquin.

Mark and Dr. Sarah

Heading back with Team Sky on our tail.

Aimee after the ride, still smiling!

Gina's post ride "I might throw up on you!" pose ha ha!

After a seat in the shade, she can smile again!

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